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@Our company has been manufacturing Koyo Food Colours since
1953, and they are the products we proudly recommend. They are
manufactured from the raw materials to completion consistently in
the clean and the latest facilities.

@They passed our strict quality test and achieved the purity which
is far better than legal standard. These products are stable in quality.
@In addition, we accept your order of pharmaceutical dyestuff taking
account of your demand.

Dyestaff for industry

@We produce high-quality dyestuff and supply them for
general industrial use. They are used in various goods like
pens and sign pen, and are widely accepted.

Dyestuff for cosmetics

@Legal dyestuffs for medical materials, medicated cosmetics
and cosmetics are available.

Nature Dyestuff

@There are carotenoids, flavonoids, betacyanins and quinones,
extracted from natural resources.

@Lac color (Laccaic acid) is extracted from sticklac, the raw
material of shellac, and we provide the ones of the highest grade.

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