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KOYO KAGAKU CO.,LTD >>>@Japanese Page
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We are the fine chemical maker, creating future by our distinctive technology, and
trying to integrate nature and chemistry into harmony.


@Our company was established as a seller of dyestuffs. Prior to WWII, we had
manufactured dyestuff, oils and fats, and felts. Then after WWII, we reorganized
ourselves into a joint-stock corporation specializing in refining natural resin and
in manufacturing dyestuffs and food colorant. From the very beginning, our
philosophy has been based on love, tolerance and sincerity, and we have been
doing our best for decades.

@In recent years, there has been a remarkable progress of technical innovations
in the field of chemistry. We believe that innovations must be the ones which
are kind to human beings, which can make our lives gracious and which can give
our future hope. So we have been aiming at creative technique through
manufacturing our various goods, e.g. functional polymer materials, natural-resource
extraction and refinement, fine chemicals and so forth

@This chemistry fields expects limitless development through various technical
innovations. We sincerely hope we contribute to the whole world by fully utilizing
our technology and experience.

President@Sigeyuki Takahasi

@Our company consists mainly of 4 following sections, and operates broadly
from manufacturing to selling.

@@@Production sale of Food Colours, Dyestuff for industry, Dyestuff for cosmetics,
@@@and Natural Dyestaff.
ENatural Resin
@@@Production sale of Shellac.
EPrecison Distribution
@@@Production sale of "MicroFlat" for addition medicine of Paint, Ink and Others.
EPaint General Sales
@@@The sale substitution business of major paint makers

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