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Precison Distribution

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@Microflat is dispersion of various organic macromolecule resins, which is dissolved and
deposited, like wax, polyethylene, polycarbonate and so on.
@Based on its resin feature and particle size distribution, it is widely used for grindings,
wear-resistance improver, abrasion-resistance improver, blocking prevention, lubricant,
orientation improver, sedimentation prevention, paint hanging-down prevention, releasing
and so on.

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1.Solid rate
@@@Ranging from 5% to 50% and can be selected depending on your usage.

2. The diameter of a particle
@@@Can be selected from diameters ranging from less than 1 micrometer to 50 micrometers.

3. Solvents
@@@Can be selected from aliphatic, ester, alcoholic, mixed solvent, water solvent and other


1. Grindings
@@@@If added by 0.3% to 5% by the solid part ratio in the paints of acrylics, urethanes or
@@@other kind of paints, lusterless effect can be acquired by irregular light reflections of
@@@particles. The effects differ by the particle distribution of products, type of resin and
@@@by other reasons.

@@@@Moreover, the specific gravity of polyethylene is smaller than inorganic grindings.
@@@Therefore there is the strong point which cannot sediment easily even if it blends
@@@with paints.

2.Wear resistance improver, abrasion-resistance improver, blocking prevention, and lubricant.
@@@@Like the case of grindings, if it is added by about 0.3% to 5% by the solid part ratio,
@@@wear-resistance, abrasion-resistance and blocking prevention can be remarkably
@@@improved by the effect of particles.

3. Aluminium flake orientation, pigment sedimentation prevention and paint hanging-down

@@@@If added by about 5% to 7% by the solid part ratio, alminium flake orientation can be
@@@improved. Moreover, the effect of pigment sedimentation prevention and of paint
@@@hanging-down prevention can be improved.

4. Releasing
@@@@There is releasing effect on plastic molding by the feature of polyethylene.

5. Heat transfer ribbon
@@@@Some wax distribution articles can be used as materials of heat transfer ribbons.

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