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Natural Resin

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@Shellac is natural resin, which can be refined from resinous secretion of Laccifar, a lac insect.
Shellac can be obtained by extraction of seedlac through thermofusion, alkaline extraction and
solvent extraction.

@We have grefined shellach, which is refined through solvent extraction, and gwhite shellach,
which is bleached through alkaline extraction, and also have other various goods.

Seedlac Shellac White Shellac

PD The only resin with thermo-setting in nature.
QD Easy thermofusion. (it also has thermoplasticity)
RD Easily dissolve in alcohol at room temperature.
SD Smooth with a gloss, highly adhesive and wear resistance.
TD Through thermal hardening, coat will gain heat and solvent resistance.
UD Not dissolve in organic solvents other than alcohol.
VD Easy water-based solution.
WD Excel in oil resistance.
XD Electric insulator.
POD Non-poisonous, tasteless and odor-free. Used for medical materials and for food additives.
PPD GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) approval by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

1.Alcoholic Paint
@Being used regularly and widely as shellac varnish, and because
of its gloss, adhesiveness, oil-resistance, smooth surface and
abradability, have been broadly used for undercoating and
overcoating of woodworks, music instruments, furniture, building
materials, metal materials and so on.

2. Electric insulator
@Used for electric insulator of finish varnish in electric devices,
and for motor coil insulator.

3. Paper
@By putting adhesion on one side of paper and shellac on another
side, it can be used for back processing of adhesive tape (masking
for cars and for construction, and packing materials), craft paper
and so on.

4. Adhesives
@Used for fixation (temporary adhesives) of mica, for adhesion
between glass of electric bulb, fluorescence pipe and metal
materials, and for adhesion of jewel processing.

5. Printing ink
@Used for general packing and particularly for food packing due to
its safety.

6. Medical materials

@Used for wear prevention of tablets, for masking of smell and
bitterness, and for enteric coating. (Shellac does not dissolve in
stomach which is acidic, but can dissolve in intestines which are


@Used for confectionery such as chocolate, for citrus fruits, for
smoked eggs and for chestnuts, for the purpose of moisture
prevention, gloss and freshness maintenance. And also used in
health foods.

8. Cosmetics
@Used for hair lacquers, hair creams, manicures and so on.

@Used for stiffener of felt hats, for forming adhesives of magnets,
for moisture prevention of gunpowder and fireworks, for wax seal,
for denture mold and so on.

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